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Ceramic Art Courses

Set in the cradle of Faience tradition, the “La Cartiera” art centre is available for organising ceramics courses held by the most important ceramics Masters of the town.

Here, in the large, well-equipped historical areas of the centre, students can learn about and practice this art using specific tools, following the various stages which turn a simple clay “bread” into a work of art, a unique majolica item which can be moulded and decorated by each student according to their inspiration and personality.

Courses can be “tailor-made” to suit participants’ requirements, ranging from the individual stages of producing a ceramic piece, to a complete course, from modelling the clay to producing the finished decorated item.

The duration and in-depth study of each element of the course can be defined depending on how much time those taking part have, bearing in mind the technical time necessary for producing ceramics.

The “La Cartiera” art centre can manage classes of school age pupils and groups of adult students, both Italian and foreign, developing courses which best suit the demands of the students themselves.

Teachers are chosen from among the best, most famous Masters which Faenza, the ceramic town par excellence, can offer. Under Goffredo Gaeta’s guidance, they teach participants how to create their work first hand offering “apprentices” both their experience and help whilst lessons are taking place.

Participants can keep the pieces they create as proof and a reminder of this unique artistic experience.