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Since 2005, the "La Cartiera" art centre has held events and guided visits within the sphere of its cultural work.

5-11 September 2016
10° Trebbo di pittura "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
24 May 2016
Meeting on the topic: Creation and creativity, the art of God and of man to create art
9th 2015
Gene Gnocchi's Book presentation
4th-10th 2014
9° Trebbo di pittura "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
4th-10th 2014
8° Trebbo di pittura "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
4th-10th 2013
7° Trebbo di pittura "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
2 2012
Arte e Liturgia" - Art e Liturgy
6th-11th 2012
6° Trebbo di pittura "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
1st-2nd September 2012 RAKURIOSI 2012"
3rd - 9th September 2011 5° Trebbo "Al Chiodo"
2nd-8th September 2010 4° Trebbo "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
22nd-23rd May 2010 RAKURIOSI 2010
20th September 2009 Concerto di musica classica.
Duo per violino e violoncello
3rd - 9th September 2009 3° Trebbo "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
4th - 10th September 2008 2° Trebbo "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
3th June 2008 Artistic craftsmanship and promoting historical workshops
11th April 2008 The spiritual importance of icons.
18th and 19th March 2008 Ceramics workshop for a group of American visitors.
8th March 2008 "A life for art 1929-2008" meeting with the artist Giuseppe Tampieri
29th September 2007 Marcello Fantoni's 92°nd birthday:
"1927-2007, 80 years of ceramic art"
6th - 12th September 2007 I° Trebbo "Al Chiodo" - art exhibition
21st April 2007 Meeting with the Dante Alighieri Association
20th April 2007 Filming of "La bella Giulia"
13th April 2007 Presentation of the book "Buoni Propositi: i cattolici nella socità società postmoderna"
organised by Mr Francesco Giorgino
18th and 27th October 2006 Lessons on the topic of "Ceramics”
for the G. Ballardini Art Institute, given by Maestro Goffredo Gaeta
23rd - 27th May 2006 Scientific workshop on advanced ceramics organised by ISTEC CNR, Faenza section
6th - 8th May 2005 Exhibition of modern flower arrangements
7th May 2005 Opening of the structure with the participation of the town’s Administrative and Ecclesiastical Authorities